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The Spirit in Stone Digital Resource for Schools - information for teachers

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We have created a digital resource for distribution to primary schools in the North East, to support the teaching of Christianity in Religious Education in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. This offers a multi-media introduction to historic churches in the region and the stories of six Northern Saints, including a series of short, engaging video films featuring cartoon characters, children, and writer-broadcaster John Grundy. It encourages schools to use their local church to support learning.

Summary of resource content:

The resource is broken into 4 sections, covering Key Stages 1, 2 (two parts) and 3.  Each section has a video introduction, an interactive resource and printable resources - including teacher and pupil information sheets, suggested activities both in school and on a church visit:

  • KS1: ‘What can we learn about Christianity from visiting a church?’  
  • KS2: ‘What can we learn about Christian symbols and beliefs by visiting a church?’
  • KS2: ‘What can we learn about the Christian faith through studying the lives of the northern saints?’
  • KS3: ‘What is the role of the arts in expressing Christianity?’

The resource is being distributed free of charge to RE coordinators and teachers in schools across the North East, including all schools in the geographical area covered by the Church of England Dioceses of Newcastle and Durham, Local Authority schools, academies, faith schools, private, free and special schools.

The set of videos featuring six Northern Saints can also be viewed online here.

Latest news and updated resource:

The resource is available in DVD-ROM and USB media formats, and designed to work with the most popular web-browsers. Some users have, however, reported issues - for advice on how to deal with this please see our latest advice note.  A revised version of the resource - compatible with Chrome and all popular browsers - is now available to download free of charge via our Resource Download page.

The project has been developed as part of the work of ‘Inspired North East’, a joint initiative of the Church of England Diocese of Newcastle (Company no. 650977/Charity no. 247233) with the Diocese of Durham, supporting local congregations to help achieve a sustainable future for church buildings as living places of worship used and enjoyed by local communities and visitors.



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